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Born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1967, an award-winning artist, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Art, at La Trobe University, Bendigo in 1992 majoring in photography and painting. After University I returned to Melbourne to work in the photographic industry as a Wedding and Model Photographer, painting only occasionally.

Realising a childhood dream I visited France in the Spring of 2017. Viewing works of art that I had only ever before seen in pages of my art history textbooks, some only in black and white, had a huge influence on my own work inspiring me to return to painting full-time.


Since then, I have been creating paintings that speak to my love of the 18th century which is reflected in my choice of colour palette. As well as my passion for the work of artists like Boucher, Bouguereau, Degas, Monet, and Sisley. My paintings capture the whimsical spirit and joy of Rococo, both the impressionist philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature and their endeavors to represent colour and light.

These themes are expressed across a broad range of media including Acrylic and Oil paint, resin, teacups, cloth, and paper.

My paintings and photographs are held in private collections nationally, in the UK, France, Canada, and the USA. 

In 2020 I founded my YouTube channel, sharing my art, and offering teachings and technical knowledge. As well as a glimpse into my studio and creative process. 

Come and visit me in my studio (by appointment), watch works come to life on my YouTube channel, Selina Wilson Art, or send me an email via my contact page.


It's your duty in life to save your dreams

                                                - Modigliani

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