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Mixed Media on Board

10 x 12"


  • Teacup Series

    This series of paintings came to me in a dream. First objective was to source the teacups. While away camping in Northern Victoria I had a strong sense to visit a local opportunity shop. Always one to follow my intuition, I found my first antique teacup and the series of paintings were birthed.

    These are my most recent works. They reminisce of afternoon tea at Nana’s. Setting out the table with the “good china” for visitors. Lace doilies, floral tablecloths and flowers.  A connection to a slower time. A gathering of souls and laughter. Celebrating love and beauty.

    There is also a connection to the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. The whimsy, the playful and the fanciful.  If there is a message it’s laugh, live for now and drink in the joy.


    Please note. This painting is currently on show at Eau Perfumery, Newstead. Please check availabilty.

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